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The Power TIG 325EXT is a top-equipped AC / DC tig for welding both steels and aluminum. The machine is suitable for both enthusiasts and demanding professional welders. Reliability is top notch.

With water-cooled WP18 burner as standard. In digital control, 9 memory slots for settings

For professional use, we have equipped the machines with high-quality Tafimet burners, so that the package satisfies even the most demanding taste.

• Advanced pulse: More penetration, less heat to the  piece.

Even thin materials can be welded without burning the puncture.

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Warranty: 2 years


GBT Type: Module IGBT
Inverter Type: Digital/Micro-controlled
Output Type: AC/DC TIG, DC Stick
Voltage/phase:  400V  3 Phase
Max Rated TIG Amps: 325A
Max Rated Stick Amps: 250A

TIG Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle:
325A/22.9V @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
245A/19.8V @ 60% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
190A/17.6V @ 100% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
Stick Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle:
250A/30V @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
200A/28V @ 60% Duty Cycle/ 40 º C
160A/ 26.4V @ 100% Duty Cycle/ 40 º C

Max Inrush ( I1MAX ) Amps: 14A @ 480V 3 phase
Maximum Rated (I1EFF ) Input Amps: 14A @ 460V 3ph

OCV: 70V (<24V with VRD)
TIG Output Range DC: 5A-325A
TIG Output Range AC: 10-325A
Stick Ouput Range DC: 20-250A
Stick Hot Start Amps: 0-100%
Stick Function: Adjustable Arc Force Control
Stick Hot Start Type: Adjustable Hot Start
Stick Hot Start Time: 0-2 Seconds
6010/Cellulose Capable: Limited to 6011
Minimum Amp DC TIG Start: 5A
Minimum Amp AC TIG Start: 10A
TIG Start Type: HF

Lift Start

TIG Start Type: HF and Lift Start
Memory: Yes
Start Amp Range:
DC: 5A-325A
AC: 10A-325A

End Amp Range:
DC: 5A-325A
AC: 10A-325A

Upslope Time:  0-25 Seconds

Down Slope Time:  0-25 Seconds

Preflow time:  0-25 Seconds

Post Flow Time:  0-25 Seconds

TIG Pulse: Yes
Standard DC Pulse Frequency: .1-500 Hz
Standard AC Pulse Frequency: .1-250 Hz
AC Advanced Pulse Frequency: .1-10 Hz

Pulse Time On (Duty Cycle): 5-95%
Pulse Amp Range: 5-100%
AC Frequency (Hz): 20-250Hz
AC Balance Range: 5-90%
AC Wave Forms:
Advanced Square
Soft Square
Remote Control: 2T/4T with Torch Amptrol settings

Weight: 31 kg
Dimensions: 56 cm × 23 cm × 43 cm



  • Digital microprocessor control
  • IGBT Power Modules increase reliability and performance
  • Operation down to 5 Amps DC and 10 Amps AC
  • 2T/4T/ Pedal operation modes with additional 2T/4T mode for torch amptrol operation.
  • Wave form control in AC provides 4 wave forms: Sine, Triangular, Soft Square and Advanced Square Wave
  • Gapless, Solid-State High Frequency  design reduces maintenance issues and improves start reliability
  • No hidden menus to access or complicated set up routines
  • Simplified menu design allows settings to be quickly selected and adjusted
  • Easy Start Up feature in AC or DC modes to make setup quick and easy for the beginner, or the advanced user
  • Pulse up to 500Hz in DC, 250 Hz AC
  • 10Hz Advanced AC Pulse mode improves penetration on thicker metals, and can reduce warping and burn through on thinner metals
  • Arc force control, Hot start time, Hot start intensity settings for Stick welding to improve performance
  • VRD function to help reduce chance of shock or electrocution in areas where a VRD is required or needed for stick welding
  •  480V 3 phase input capability




This unit is configured for only 480V 3 phase operation.  Everlast also offers a PowerTIG 325EXT configured for 240V 1 and 3 phase operation. The 480V version is not configured with a built in outlet for the water cooler.

E6010 use is not recommended with this welder.

Do not use with generators that are not certified as “clean power” by the generator manufacturer (<5% THD). For single phase use with a generator, use a generator that is capable of at least 12,500 watts.



  • Weld steel to a maximum of 1/2″ single pass
  • Weld steel to a maximum of 1+” multi-pass
  • Weld aluminum to a maximum of 1/2″ single pass
  • Weld aluminum to a maximum of 1+” multi-pass
  • Weld to a minimum of .005″ Steel
  • Weld to a minimum of .010″ Aluminum

TIG minimum and maximum capability is generally determined by industry standard practices and governed by practical limits for single and multi-pass welds, aimed at achieving highest quality welds.   The Maximum Almuminum thickness expressed here is representative of an increase in normal capability due to the use of the Advanced TIG pulse which uses a high ratio of DC- current to increase penetration.


  • Weld with a minimum of 1/16″ diameter electrode
  • Weld with a maximum of 3/16″ diameter electrode

This unit is not recommended for use with E6010.   The maximum electrode capability is ultimately affected by the rod type, composition and electrode manufacturer recommendations.