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In Europe and Scandinavia machines are officially represented by Tools Supply OÜ.

By the time of financial crices we started to develop our own CNC plasma cutter. With this project we noticed that there is no reasonably priced plasma cutters on the market. We started to fix this and suddenly noticed that we are selling machines with quite big volume.

Tig welding has been our hobby for 15 years because of drag racing hobby. We needed to weld cromoly, magnesium and aluminum. With same supplier we could offer machines for all this.

With Everlast we made a deal in spring 2011 and quality of machines and performance has surprised us and customers.

Everlast Power Equipment Inc is US based company which has been on industry since 2004. Company is responsible of desing and performance for all welding and plasma cutters. Manufacturing is outsourced to ISO 9001 certified company.

We have engaged to represent Everlast machines all over Europe and to give exceptional good and flexible support and warranty, with exceptional low price.

Machines has reached huge popularity in US, Canada and Australian markets. And now machines are available also in Europe.

everlast machines

This website and retail of EVERLAST equipment in EU is operated by Tools Supply OÜ.