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LASER WELDER RedSabre 1500

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Laser technology is rapidly evolving. The technology has moved away from old large CO2 systems with costs ranging into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Still relatively new for commercial applications, Fiber Lasers are the future for precision welding of light to medium gauge metals. The pinpoint accuracy and speed at which a Laser can weld is stunning. New, improved technology has improved ergonomics and durability of the hand held laser guns and related equipment.

New applications of Fiber laser technology related to welding have also evolved to include cutting and cleaning/descaling all-in-one versions. Everlast has sought to develop one of the lightest weight powerful Fiber lasers in the industry.

The new Red Sabre 1500 is a 1500 Watt, air cooled portable laser welder designed for compact size and portability. The air cooled design of the RedSabre is new and innovative way to cool lasers without heavy, large water cooling systems. The high volume fan and high temperature diode design of the RedSabre1500 reduces the foot print of the welder. The ergonomic gun design and safety features are hallmarks of the RedSabre model line. This model can Weld, Cut, and descale rust and paint.

Includes detachable touch screen color LCD controls and synchronizing wire feeder.

9.999,00 inc. VAT

Stock level:

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Warranty: 2 years


Features & Benefits: 
  • 1 phase 230V Input
  • Class 4 Laser
  • 20A Rated Input
  • 1500 Watt Fiber Laser
  • Air-Cooled Design
  • Maximum Weld thickness: 25.4 mm
  • Maximum Cut thickness: 25.4 mm
  • Wire Feeder included
  • Can be used to create Autogenous welds
  • Gas Type: Argon or Nitrogen(N2)
  • Cut Gas: Air or Nitrogen (N2)
  • Gas Flow Rate for Welding 30 CFH
  • Travel speed up to 127 mm/ second
  • Good Duty Cycle
  • Travel speed up to 127 mm/ second, depending upon thickness and settings
Recommended Metals: 

All Types


Standard Equipment: 
  • Synchronizing Wire feeder attachment
  • Ergonomic Laser Gun with 9 m cable
  • Starter Consuambles Kit with nozzles for welding, cleaning and cutting
  • D18T2 Protective Lens Kit: 5 pc
  • D20T4.5 F800 Focus Lens
  • Data Cable
  • Safety Goggles
  • Key
Optional Equipment:




The operation of all Lasers in the USA falls under FDA restrictions, guidelines and general regulations. Additional OSHA and ANZI regulations and standards applicable to laser welding/cleaning/cutting use and applications exist.
This is a class 4 laser, the most dangerous category. Safety Training and special laser light shielding equipment is required to use lasers for any application. Laser light radiation can be harmful, even though the wave length is not visible to the naked eye.
Use safety glasses only matched to the wave length of this unit. Other Specialized safety equipment is also required Do not use standard cutting shades or welding helmets while using this equipment. Use only safety eye and face wear rated for 1080 nm wave lengths.
The purchase of this laser welder with your local and state governments. Please identify any registration issues and concerns before purchase.
The use of a laser in your business may require you to follow additional ANZI guidelines separate from the use of regular arc welders. It may also require special training and certifications that require additional investment and costs. In businesses with employees, you may be required to appoint a Laser Safety Officer with completed training and certification and additionally train individual operators and nearby individuals in laser safety and use.
Contact independent laser safety certification companies for details and pricing of training. Most companies offer online certification, with some offering in person training as well. Prices vary for certification.
Check with your insurance company to make sure that the use of a laser welder in your facility is covered if training and certifications are in place.