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NOVA Wireless Pedal TIG/MTS

474,00 inc. VAT

If you need a long distance solution to your TIG needs, or need to free up your shop from trip hazards, the new NOVA Wireless Foot Pedal can operate up to 30 m. away from the TIG unit.  The pedal is rechargeable, so this means you do not need to replace batteries on a regular basis.  Plus, the charge will last for several months between charges. With up to a 300 cycle recharge capability, this pedal is designed to last for years. Even after the Lithium ion battery pack reaches end of life, it can be replaced economically so the pedal can give years more service.

Solid steel construction with an external (but well-protected) antenna means that the pedal will not break when cold, or deteriorate over the years as welding arc and sunlight deteriorate would eventually with polymer construction of other pedals. For best reception, the receiver dongle is powered by 120V power and is equipped with LED indicators to indicate pairing and battery life.

The unit can co-exist with up to 50 other NOVA pedals in the shop without interfererance.

The unit features an 18 month warranty, which is still the best in the industry.

This unit is designed to fit 2015 and newer PowerTIG, Power-iTIG, PowerPro, PowerUltra, UltraArc, PowerARC models with foot pedal capability. Also fits some MTS models with the larger (old-style) 7 pin connector. Verify before ordering.