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The Power I-TIG 200T is state-of-the-art for welding DC tig steels. The machine is suitable for both enthusiasts and demanding professional welders. Reliability is top notch.

The machine has a LOW AMP function that allows welding at low currents, up to 2 amps. In digital control, 9 memory locations for settings.

With gas-cooled WP26 burner as standard.

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Warranty: 2 years


IGBT Type: Individual IGBT
Inverter Type: Digital/Micro-controlled
Output Type: DC Stick, DC TIG
Voltage/phase: 240 V  1 PHASE
Max Rated TIG Amps: 200
Max Rated Stick Amps: 160
TIG Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle: 

240V:  200A/18V @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 40º

Stick Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle:

240V:  160A/26.4V @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 40º C

Max Inrush ( I1MAX ) Amps:  240V: 27.5A
Maximum Rated (I1EFF ) Input Amps:  240V: 17A
  • TIG: 80V
  • Stick: 80V
TIG Output Range DC: 3A-200A/10.2V-18V
Stick Ouput Range DC: 5A- 160A/20.2V-26.4V
Stick Hot Start Amps: 0-100%
Stick Function: Adjustable Arc Force Control
Stick Hot Start Type: Adjustable Hot Start
Stick Hot Start Time: 0-2.5 Seconds
6010/Cellulose Capable: Limited to 6011
Minimum Amp DC TIG Start: 3A
TIG Start Type:
  • HF
  • Lift

Memory: Yes

Start Amp Range: 5A-200A

End Amp Range: 3A-200A
Upslope Time: 0-25 Seconds
Down Slope Time: 0-25 Seconds
Preflow time: 0-25 Seconds
Post Flow Time: 0-25 Seconds
TIG Pulse: Yes
Standard DC Pulse Frequency: .1-500Hz
Pulse Time On (Duty Cycle): 5-100%
Pulse Amp Range: 5-95%
Remote Control: 2T/4T
Foot Pedal:  No
Weight: 11 kg
Dimensions: 38 cm x 18 cm x 28 cm


When it comes to DC TIG welders, you won’t find a more feature packed, performance driven machine than the Power i-TIG 200T.  It’s user-friendly interface is thoughtfully arranged, with an intuitive design that is charachteristic that people have come to expect from Everlast products.  The Power i-TIG 200T is a true digital TIG and Stick welder, featuring a microprocessor control manufactured by Infineon, that is simple to operate, and easy to maintain.   The all new  HF start design improves the arc starting of the welder, and lowers the arc sustaining threshold down to 3 amps.  This unit features a programmable memory, which is able to store up to 9 favorite programs, which also remembers the last setting used on shut down.  If heat control is an issue, then the welder offers a fully adjustable pulse with an adjustable frequency up to 500 Hertz for maximum heat control.  When the stick function is used, it makes easy work of difficult to weld with electrodes such as E7018 and even  E6011 because of the digitally controlled features such as Hot Start time, Hot Start intensity, and Arc Force control.  The name-brand IGBTs used in the inverter are well known for reliability and performance within the industry.  The Power i-TIG 200T is also dual voltage capable which makes in invaluable to those looking for the ultimate portability.



This unit is a DC TIG/Stick welder, and is not intended to weld aluminum, except in stick mode with aluminum electrodes. AC current is generally recommended to weld aluminum.

If using this welder with a generator, use only with a generator rated as “clean power” by the generator manufacturer.  This is typically less than 5% THD.

Use only with a 240V generator rated for 7000 surge watts.



  • Weld steel to a maximum of 5/16″ single pass (240V )
  • Weld steel to a maximum of 1/2″ multi-pass(240V)
  • Weld to a minimum of .005″ Steel



  • Weld with a maximum of 1/8″ diameter electrode (240V )
  • Weld with a minimum of 1/16″ diameter electrode
  • This unit not rated for E6010 use