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The all new PowerARC 200STi is built with the true professional in mind. With 200 amps of DC Stick/Live Lift TIG welding power, the new compact digitally controlled IGBT inverter welder cuts no corners on performance or design. The unit features E6010 welding capability making the welder suitable for use on pipelines, shipyards, construction sites, portable repair jobs and pressure and container vessels, and any place requiring the use of E6010 and related cellulose-based welding rods. For excellent low spatter arc performance on E7018, E7024, E7014 and even stainless class electrodes the unit features another connector port for all other welding rods. In both the 6010 and standard operating modes, the successor to the PowerARC 200ST now features adjustable Hot Start, and adjustable arc force control, which gives you the amount of arc control you need in almost any situation. The basic DC Live Lift TIG capability of this unit also allows the unit to perform well on steel and stainless applications. This unit is built for pros who demand the most from their welder, the PowerARC 200STi feels at home, on the farm, or in the hobbiest’s garage. Be sure to pick up a 17 gas valve TIG torch and gas regulator if you want to TIG weld with this unit. Check out our 17V series TIG torch and gas regulator located in our accessories section which are ideal for this unit if you need to use the TIG function

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Warranty: 2 years


IGBT Type:  Individual IGBT
Inverter Type:  Digital/Micro-controlled
Output Type:  DC Stick, DC TIG
Voltage/phase:  240 V  1 PHASE
Max Rated TIG Amps:  240V: 240A
Max Rated Stick Amps:  240V: 200A
Stick Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle: 240V
  • 200A/28V @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
  • 160A/26.4V @ 60% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
  • 130A/25.2V @ 100% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
Max Inrush ( I1MAX ) Amps:  @240V: 36.8A
Maximum Rated (I1EFF ) Input Amps:  @240V: 22A
  • Stick: 70V
  • TIG: 70V
Stick Ouput Range DC:  240V:  10-200A/ 20.2-28V
Stick Function:  Adjustable Arc Force Control
Stick Hot Start Type:  Adjustable Hot Start
Stick Hot Start Time:  0-2 Seconds
6010/Cellulose Capable:  Yes
Minimum Amp DC TIG Start:  10 Amps
TIG Start Type:  Live Lift TIG Only
TIG Start Type:  Lift Start only
Memory:  No
TIG Pulse:  No
Foot Pedal:  None/Not Applicable
Weight: 11.5 kg
Dimensions: 41 cm × 18 cm × 33 cm


  • Stable, Smooth DC ARC for best Stick/TIG welds. No AC output.
  • Built-in Live Lift TIG feature (gas valve torch optional)
  • E6010 feature for improved Cellulosic performance
  • Digital control for improved reliability
  • Standard 35 Series DINSE style connectors
  • Adjustable Arc force control for better arc performance in short arc situations
  • Adjustable Hot Start for reduced rod sticking during starting
  • Simple, easy to use features and controls



1) The PowerARC 200STi comes with the stick torch, and work clamp.

2) The Gas valve TIG torch is optional. This unit does not have a built in gas solenoid for control of gas flow

3) This unit does not support a foot pedal.

4) This unit is DC output only in Stick and TIG modes and is not designed to weld aluminum in TIG mode.

5) This unit should be used with a clean power generator only. Everlast does not keep an official or approved list of generators. However, the manufacturer of the generator will be able supply this information. This is usually considered to be less than 5% THD. Use a generator rated for 9000 surge watts for 240V, or for 120V operation, 5000 surge watts.



  • Minimum 2.5 mm electrode 240V
  • Maximum 1.3 – 7.6 mm electrode 240V
  • Maximum 7.7 mm electrode 120V
  • Max electrode size will depend upon type and brand


  • Minimum 0.6 mm Steel/Stainless (No aluminum)240V
  • Maximum Single Pass: 2.5 mm Steel/Stainless (No aluminum) 240V
  • Maximum Multi-Pass: 7.6 mm Steel/Stainless (No aluminum) 240V

Min/Max TIG is based off of industry standard practice for best quality welds.