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A reliable machine for both enthusiasts and professionals. The machine is a 400V 3-phase and is therefore suitable for the field even if long hangs are used and the electricity is of poor quality.

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Type: IGBT
Voltage/phase: 380 V 3 Phase
Duty Cycle At Rated Amps: 60A max power with 60% burn time
Cutting capacity: Recommended 15 mm, max ~ 22 mm steel
Arc Start Type: Blow Back (Piston type)
PilotArc:  Yes
CNC Interface Port:  Yes
Adjustable Post Flow Timer:  Yes
Torch Type: Italian designed iPT 60
Gouging: Light to Medium
Recommended Cutting Air Pressure:  ~ 200L / min 4.5-5 bar
OK-to-Cut Indicator/Low Air pressure safety:  Yes
Dimensions:  56 cm × 23 cm × 43 cm
Weight:  24 kg



User manual


To improve consumable life and prevent torch damage, the customer must supply and install a separate air dryer inline in addition to the regulator/water trap supplied by Everlast. The water trap Everlast supplies with the unit is not designed to remove all moisture from the air.

When using on a generator, the generator must be “clean power” rated by its manufacturer, which is 5% or less Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Failure to operate on a clean power rated generator will damage the unit and void the warranty. For more generator information and recommendations, consult the manual.

If operating on a generator, the generator must be certified by its manufacturer to have “clean power” output. Use a generator that is rated for a minimum of 10,000 surge watts.


Plasma cutting capacity is affected by several factors. Ideal cutting conditions require dry air, new consumables, proper air pressure, etc. Quality of cut depends upon consumable orifice size, standoff height, and travel speeed.