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If you are looking for a professional level plasma table machine that you aren’t likely to quickly outgrow, the Everlast PowerPlasma 82i with the CNC package is likely the one that you’d choose. The portability, power, and performance, combine with the price to make the PowerPlasma 82i one of the best choices available in its class when you consider power/purchase cost ratios. And for maximum cut capability on CNC, this unit is capable of producing quality cuts of 22mm or greater (at reduced speeds and edge start). The unit’s size is compact and can be easily stored or placed near the work area. The new Italian designed iPT 80 machine/CNC torch is rugged and features improved consumable life with the patented “back striking” design. This blowback design torch comes with a variety of consumable choices, shielded and unshielded. Very good capability and performance offers joy for the hobbyist. Use this device at home, in the garage or in your workshop.

Cutting capacity CNC table (mild steel): Recommended maximum production 12,7 mm, maximum edge start production 22 mm
Cutting capacity handheld (mild steel): Maximum clean cut 31 mm, maximum severance cut 36 mm
European model is 3 phase 400V.

1.829,00 inc. VAT

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Warranty: 2 years


Type: IGBT
Voltage/phase: 380 V 3 Phase
Duty Cycle At Rated Amps/Volts: 80A max power with 60% burn time
Cutting capacity CNC (mild steel): Recommended 12,7 mm, max ~ 22 mm (edge start)
Arc Start Type: Blow Back (Piston type)
PilotArc: Yes
CNC Interface Port: Yes
Adjustable Post Flow Timer: Yes
Torch Type: Italian designed iPT 80 torch
Gouging: Light to Medium
Recommended Cutting Air Pressure: ~ 300L / min 4.5-5 bar
OK-to-Cut Indicator/Low Air pressure safety: Yes
Dimensions: 56 cm× 23 cm × 43 cm
Weight: 24 kg



Standard Equipment: 
  • IPTM-80 CNC Machine Torch with 8 m cable and Euro quick-connect central connector
  • Ground Clamp with 25 Dinse Connector
  • Air Pressure Regulator/Water Trap (separate air dryer is required to reduce consumable wear and prevent torch damage)
  • Consumable starter kit: 5x IPT-80 Electrodes and 5x IPT-80 1.2mm Nozzles/Tips


User manual


A separate inline air dryer must be provided by the customer to prevent torch damage, and excessive consumable wear.
The unit includes a regulator/water trap, but is not designed to remove all water or moisture.

If using with a generator, use a generator rated by its manufacturer as providing “clean power”.

This is usually 5% or less THD (total harmonic distortion).

Use with a generator rated for at least a minimum of 15,000 surge watts.

This unit does not include a hand torch but hand torch can be purchased and fitted separately.


  • Up to 12,7 mm daily use with CNC (rated for best cut speed and quality)
  • Up to 22 mm clean cut with CNC (edge start)
  • Up to 36 mm severance cut @ 3-5 ipm
  • Pierce up to 15,8 mm with auto THC

Plasma cutting capacity is affected by several factors. Ideal cutting conditions require dry air, new consumables, proper air pressure etc. Quality of cut depends upon consumable orifice size, standoff height, and travel speed.

CNC cutting capacity is calculated for a quality cut at 100% working cycle. Cutting near maximum piercing capacity shortens consumables life span. Cutting thicker materials than maximum piercing capacity is possible but requires edge starting.