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TIG TORCH Trafimet S neck W20 Water-cooled 4m

250,00 inc. VAT

  • Standard handle, Rigid neck design
  • Water-cooled, Flex cable
  • 200 Amps  @ 100% Duty Cycle
  • 4 m of Flex Cable
  • NOVA quality
  • Straight Head (Rigid)
  • DINSE Type 35 Series (1/2″) connector with gas quick connector
  • Measure or Confirm size/type before order on older models
  • Fits All current and past PowerTIG models, except early 185.
  • Fits All current PowerPro models
  • Fits All current PowerMTS/Lightning models
  • Fits PowerARC 200STL, 280STH
  • Does Not Fit Power i-TIG, SuperUltra,PowerUltra, UltraArc models 200 amps and under due to connector size
  • Does not Fit PowerArc models except ones listed above
  • Not all units listed feature a water-cooler plug outlet a separate power source may be needed