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The new Typhoon 330 is a powerful member of the all new generation of TIG welders from Everlast. The Typhoon family has a long list of next-level features. These features goes far beyond most all other TIG welders on the market. As the top tier line of welders in Everlast’s lineup of TIG welders, the Typhoon series has features that lead its class and establish a new standard for AC/DC TIG welders. The Typhoon 330 is a powerful machine that is coupled to an easy-to-use interface. The large 5.1″ HD Color LCD screen features the ability to see and set all the parameters at-a-glance on a single screen without endless hidden menus or complicated series of button presses to access and adjust the parameters.

Typhoon has all the standard wave forms including Advanced Square, Soft Square, Triangular and Sine wave, it also has the industry’s first Trapezoid wave form This gives a whole new feel and level control while welding Aluminum. When used in the split wave form mode as one half of the wave form, the resulting control and effect become mind blowing.

Putting out 325A at max output while sustaining a sustantial 35% duty cycle elevates this machine over the competition with only 300A and lower duty cycles at maximum ouput. This Typhoon is capable of welding on 240 1phase or 3 phase input power without derating the duty cycle of the machine.

If you are looking at the welder for use as a stick welder, the unit puts out one of the smoothest DC arcs you will find, which is perfectly suited for E7018 and similar rods. The arc is stable and spatter free. If you are needing E6010, it does have E6010 capability as well and works well in short and medium arc length conditions. However, this unit is not suited for long arc E6010 or carbon arc gouging applications. The unit does feature an AC Stick function. The AC selection allows you to adjust AC parameters to increase the penetration and travel speed of the rod while welding in AC mode.

The European unit’s is 3 phase 400V.

Attention buyer!!
USA and Europe packaging is slightly different!!
European packaging includes: water-cooled tig torch with consumables, electrode holder and ground clamp.

2.549,00 inc. VAT

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Warranty: 2 years


IGBT Type:  Module IGBT
Inverter Type:  Digital/Micro-controlled
Output Type:  AC/DC TIG, DC Stick
Voltage/phase:  400 V  3 PHASE
Max Rated TIG Amps:  330A
Max Rated Stick Amps:  275A
TIG Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle:
330A/23.2V @ 40% Duty Cycle, 40°C

270A/20.8V @ 60% Duty Cycle, 40°C

210A/18.4V @ 100% Duty Cycle, 40°C

Stick Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle: 

275A/31V @ 40% Duty Cycle, 40°C

220A/28.8V @ 60% Duty Cycle, 40°C

170A/26.8V @ 100% Duty Cycle, 40°C

Max Inrush ( I1MAX ) Amps:  400V 3 phase: 32A

Maximum Rated (I1EFF ) Input Amps:  400V 3 Phase: 21A

TIG: 105V

Stick: 85V

TIG Output Range DC:  2-325A/10.2-23V
TIG Output Range AC:  3-325A/10.2-23V
Stick Ouput Range DC:  10-275A/ 20.4-31V
Stick Hot Start Amps:  0-100%
Stick Function:  Adjustable Arc Force Control
Stick Hot Start Type:  Adjustable Hot Start
Stick Hot Start Time:  0-2.0 Seconds
6010/Cellulose Capable:  Yes
Minimum Amp DC TIG Start:  2A
Minimum Amp AC TIG Start:  3A
TIG Start Type:  HF (Electronic HV), Lift with Remote, Live Lift
TIG Start Type:  Solid State HF and Lift Start
Memory:  Yes
Start Amp Range:  2/3-325A
End Amp Range:  2/3-325A
Upslope Time:  0-30 Seconds
Down Slope Time:  0-60 Seconds
Preflow time:  0-30 Seconds
Post Flow Time:  0-60 Seconds
TIG PulseYes
Standard DC Pulse Frequency:  0-999.9 Hz
Standard AC Pulse Frequency:  0-400Hz
AC Advanced Pulse Frequency:  0-10Hz
Pulse Time On (Duty Cycle):  5-95%%
Pulse Amp Range:  3-100%
AC Frequency (Hz):  20-400Hz
AC Balance Range:  5-70% of EP
AC Wave Forms:  5: Advanced Squre, Soft Square, Trapezoid, Triangle, Sine with the ability to split wave forms
Remote Control:  2T/4T with Torch Amptrol settings
Weight: 28 kg
Dimensions: 71 cm x 25 cm x 46 cm


Standard Equipment:
* 3.8 m Everlast 20 Rotaflex (RF) Series TIG torch with 35 DINSE style connectors and torch switch for 2T/4T operation
* New style stick electrode holder with 3 m cable and 35 series DINSE style connectors
* Heavy Duty Work clamp with 3 m Cable and DINSE style connectors
* Consumable starter kit (Tungsten not included)
* (Cooler and Cart NOT included)

Features & Benefits:
Advanced Digital IGBT Inverter Technology.
HD (720) 5.1″ LCD color screen with easy to read contrast.
Intuitive navigation and layout of settings.
Power Factor Correction.
F.A.C.C.T. (Fan and Cooler Control Technology)
5 AC Wave forms: Adv. Square, Soft Square, Trapezoid, Triangle, and Sine.
Split AC Wave form control technology. Select wave form shape of individual half-waves in AC.
Independent Amplitude Control over EN and EP Amps in AC.
DC Wave form shaping for more control.
DC Pulse up to 999.9 Hz. AC Pulse up to 400 Hz.
AC Adv. Pulse (Mixed AC/DC pulse up to 10 Hz) increases Aluminum penetration similar to 500A or greater of standard machines.
AC frequency up to 400Hz.
True low amp starts measured at 2A DC and 3A AC.
Single page layout without hidden menus to access.
Almost all settings visible at a glance.
Capacitive HV/HF arc starting: No Points to adjust.
Selectable to start Electrode Positive or Electrode Negative.
Selectable for Tungsten size for quicker starts.
Advanced PowerSet menu makes setup easy and quick.
35% Duty Cycle TIG and Stick at max output.
320A TIG/ 250A Stick maximum output.
30 program memory with lock function to prevent tampering.



This unit should be operated with clean power generators capable of 15,500 surge watts or greater. The generator must be capable of emitting no more than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion, which is considered “clean” and equal to standard shop power. Any use with generators not rated as clean power output (5% or less THD) by their manufacturer will void the warranty and may damage your machine. Damage may occur gradually over time or immediately.

E6010 may be used with this unit. However, for best operation, a short arc must be used.

Optional Equipment:
Power Cool 375 Water Cooler (Integrated with the welder)
Power Cool 300 Water Cooler (Non Integrated, but Compatible with the welder)
Foot Pedal
Amp Control Slider
NOVA Clamp and Tool Kit
Air-cooled 9/17/26 series TIG torches
Water-cooled 18/20 series TIG torches
Amp Control TIG torches
TIG Consumables Kits



  • Weld steel to a maximum of 1/2″ single pass
  • Weld steel to a maximum of 1+” multi-pass
  • Weld aluminum to a maximum of 1/2″ single pass
  • Weld aluminum to a maximum of 1+” multi-pass
  • Weld to a minimum of .005″ Steel
  • Weld to a minimum of .010″ Aluminum

TIG minimum and maximum capability is generally determined by industry standard practices and governed by practical limits for single and multi-pass welds, aimed at achieving highest quality welds.   The Maximum Almuminum thickness expressed here is representative of an increase in normal capability due to the use of the Advanced TIG pulse which uses a high ratio of DC- current to increase penetration.


  • Weld with a minimum of 1/16″ diameter electrode
  • Weld with a maximum of 3/16″ diameter electrode